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The Dear Body Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

The guest on today’s episode has an incredible story to share, at 57 years old Ann has found freedom from her food & body struggles. Ann is a former Food Freedom Online Program client and shares where her struggles first began and the approaches she tried in the past to heal. Ann and Jessi chat about how...

Feb 17, 2022

This episode is for the woman who feels like she has tried everything to heal her relationship with food, mind & body.

This is for the woman who feels like she is a failure & lacks willpower because of falling off a diet.

This is for the woman who is ready to come out of isolation & into freedom.

This is for the woman...

Feb 10, 2022

In today’s episode Jessi covers:

  • What happens when you get to the end of a meal and you want to binge?
  • The importance of learning new emotional coping mechanisms
  • How to cultivate anchors of safety
  • A powerful activity to begin letting go of binge eating as your comfort & security blanket

Book your free Food Freedom...

Feb 1, 2022

In this episode:

-What to do if you notice yourself feeling frustrated by someone else life or optimism

-How to go from paralyzed by indecision to moving forward in momentum

-How to learn from your frustration or bitterness

-Why its important to become decisive & fail in life

-How to become a ‘best case scenario’...