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The Dear Body Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

How many times have you tried, resolved or promised yourself that this is the last time that you will “fail” a new diet? Yet, inevitably end up falling off the diet.. which by the way the diet failed YOU, you did not fail the diet.  In this Holiday How To Episode, Jessi talks you through key aspects that are needed to heal your relationship with food as well as the science of behavior change. Full recovery is possible when you understand the science of behavior change. If you’re not sure if you’re struggling with food/body answer the following questions:

Do you ever feel guilt for eating?

Do you ever feel anxious around food?

Do you ever feel a sense of loss of control or impulsive around food?

Do you ever judge yourself for what you eat?

Do you use food to copy, distract, or numb out?

Do you fear eating certain foods?

Do you label certain foods as good or bad?

Do you ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride with food?

Do you feel like there is no way you could trust your body/intuition to guide you?

Do you feel like sometimes you can’t even tell your bodies hunger, fullness, + satiety cues?

If you’re ready to change the way your brain responds to food, be apart of a community that loves and supports you and find complete freedom with food, sign up for a free breakthrough strategy call to see if the Food Freedom Online Program is the answer for you!

Here’s to a beautiful New Year full of growth, FREEDOM, confidence in your skin and an effortless relationship with food! We want to see your free from your struggles in 2021, freedom is available to you.

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You can either live your life at war with your mind or learn to work in sync with it. If you’re ready to work in sync with your mind and evolve your life, welcome to The Dear Body Podcast! Our mission is to help driven women have an easy and effortless relationship with food and unshakeable self-confidence in their own body. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode & learn more about us here!