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The Dear Body Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

In this Holiday How To episode, Jessi covers weight gain. What to do about it, how to handle it and ultimately, how we are so much more than our bodies. Jessi compassionately explains that arriving at a place where we accept that our body may fluctuate throughout life is a must and how overtime our bodies will find a place that it functions most optimally at. This set point doesn’t require restriction, constant effort-ing or white knuckling to keep you at a certain weight or weight range. Jessi candidly shares how she doesn’t absolutely LOVE everything about her body and how that is OK! Body confidence is about knowing that you are so much more than your body. Part of body respect is also knowing that it’s important to feed yourself no matter what, EVEN if you indulged the day before. You are worthy of feeding yourself properly and respecting yourself at every stage of the recovery journey. And trust me, once you slowly start to heal your relationship with food you and work to reprogram your brain, you will stop feeling these crazy intense impulses and reach your mountain top!