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The Dear Body Podcast

Oct 20, 2020

In this episode, Food Freedom Online Program Client, Tayla bravely shares all about her 10 year struggle with a disordered relationship around food. From her being bullied in school, to believing that a smaller body was a better body to now experiencing complete freedom with food and moving on to become an Eating Psychology coach and help other women, Tayla’s story is one that will inspire you deeply. If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck with this struggle or that the impulse to binge/overeat will forever be there, Tayla will put that to rest!


In this episode:

  • Tayla shares how she was bullied in school and even had family members comment on her food choices or body size which led her to believe that a smaller body is a better body 
  • Around 17 Tayla started going to the gym and dieting. When she began losing weight she noticed the bullying subsided ingraining even further that a smaller body is a better body
  • Years go by and Tayla left for college and joined a crossfit gym and truly thought it was her way out from dieting but it only made things worse
  • Tayla shares her first experience with binge eating and how terrified she was for others to find out 
  • Tayla shares how she kept putting off healing.. She would say, “I’ll heal my binge eating when I get the house, when I get the career or xyz
  • Tayla shares how she found Jessi and at first struggled with the idea of letting go of the diet/binge cycle until she finally got to the point where she was binging for a whole week and decided to book a call
  • Tayla shares that from the free strategy call she learned that an easy, effortless relationship with food is entirely possible
  • Tayla then talks about her experience inside the Food Freedom Online Program and how she was able to make lifelong friends and truly open up to them
  • Tayla gained the confidence to tell her trusted inner circle about her struggle with binge eating and surprisingly felt totally accepted and not rejected
  • Tayla shares how she is now able to leave food on her plate, forget about food, have chocolate in her cabinet and doesn’t over eat often.. If she does she moves on and it doesn’t consume her
  • Tayla gives her advice to the women who is scared to give up dieting or fears gaining weight
  • Jessi talks about how the allure of all these highly palatable food wears off and your body gets to this natural point of balance
  • Tayla shares how she is now going onto become a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and is going to help others who struggled in the same way that she did




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